Microsoft Modifies Windows 10 Installation Using Just Voice

But if you don't want to wait for it to be offered to you through Windows Update, Microsoft is providing a simple way for you to jump the queue and upgrade to the Creators Update right now. The security updates, security fixes, free or paid support options or technical updates will not be provided to Windows Vista users.

Biometric authentication scheme called Windows Hello for Business now comes with support for organizations that cannot use exterior authentication services like Azure Active Directory. The new devices that come out with the Windows 10 Creators Update now include the Cortana's new feature. Click the Windows 10 software download website link.

Windows will alert you when the update is ready to be downloaded on to your machine - note that this might not be on day one (April 11) as Microsoft staggers rollout. "And the Creators Update is just the first milestone in our commitment to Game Mode and Windows 10 performance improvements for PC gaming".

You can toggle access to the camera, microphone, location, and other settings - often at a per application level as well as globally.

To move all your tabs just click the "Set these tabs aside" button.

The update will allow users to indicate whether or not Microsoft can target them for ads based on usage, know their location, or collect diagnostic data.

There's lots to like in the new update if you're a gamer, with the introduction of Beam, which lets users stream their gaming live online to a growing audience.

While not as big of an update as the Anniversary Update that came out past year, the Creators Update still includes several notable new features. That tool is available via the same page on Microsoft's site.

Play with the settings, as you see fit. To find books, go to the Books section of the Edge Hub, where you will find wide selection of books in the Windows Store.

The update will also provide users with reactive experiences from Cortana IoT Core, which occurs when the user initiates commands to minimise multiple steps to complete a task.

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