A day of solemn reflection as Christians observe Good Friday

Leading the Stations of the Cross are Fr Darrell Irvine Fr Mathew Koottianiyil and Fr Ray Johnson

One person carried a cross throughout the grounds as the group followed singing:"Jesus remember me, when you come into your kingdom". The service will process, with selected attendees carrying a large wooden cross, to First United Methodist Church, 401 W. Randolph, then on to St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 518 W. Randolph.

The Stations of the Cross traces the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, beginning with him being condemned to death and ending with his body being laid in the tomb. That's the Wikipedia definition, which includes additional information about how the Stations of The Cross came to be.

"It's a very moving, emotional and a deeply spiritual opportunity for us to live the passion of Jesus", says Deacon Bill Koniers with St. Augustine's Cathedral Church. Rose Catholic Church staged the procession to symbolize Jesus Christ's walk to his crucifixion.

Pastor Minturn said all churches in Port Macquarie will welcome new members at Easter service and encouraged people to "drop in" and visit a church.

Meanwhile, in an interview with ANC's Beyond Politics, CBCP President Archbishop Socrates Villegas said social media may be changing the way people view Lent.

"We've really been pushing the youth to stay involved because it's so important to pass down the tradition", Dall said.

We caught up with members from CrossPoint Community Church who were carrying a cross for almost 7 miles this morning.

Sherry West and Cindy Spainhour, two of the walk organizers, said it was hard to keep track of how many made the walk and how many stayed behind at St. Francis Xavier for the entire event. "It's a way to remind them that first we need to see the whole journey of Jesus to the cross before we celebrate Easter". They heard about them while visiting St. Gabriel's one day."We were looking for ways to worship on the weekend", John said.

Kara Rupp, a student aid in the Parkway School System, referred to the walk as a "neat experience to help us see what it was like for Jesus on that Friday".

Zabrosky, 51, of Greensburg said the pathos of Jesus' suffering comes through more in his acting than in his words.

"We were raised Roman Catholic and when we were young it was forbidden to go in other churches", he said.

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