Here's how to see YouTube's 'dark mode'

Here's how to see YouTube's 'dark mode'

To get started, you will first have to check if your operating system is running the latest version of Google Chrome.

If that all sounds like too much work for you, there are already Chrome extensions like ImprovedTube that will add something similar to this mode. Coders are very, very familiar with this feeling, which is why, if you go behind-the-scenes in your computer and use the command-line interface, it's generally a black screen with white text. Once that's done, all you'll need to do is reload the page, click your avatar, and dark mode should load up.

Anyway the good people over at Google clearly enjoy some night time YouTube as well as they're experimenting with a brand new feature called "Dark Mode", The Verge reports. You favorite video streaming website seems to be testing out a new dark mode, which is now hidden to most users.

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Windows 10?

Click on the "Console" tab. Now you should be able to select a "Dark Mode" from the settings list. "Try it out! Your Dark Mode setting will apply to this browser only".

Click on your YouTube profile picture on the top right, you'll now see a Dark Mode option in the dropdown.

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