S8 Pre-orders Surpass Previous Models — Samsung

Bixby was said to be Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri.

"We've tested 100,000 Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus [units] for battery safety prior to launch", he added.

The newest flagships are the South Korean tech giant's first major offering after the premium phablet was scrapped on October 11 following incidents of the phone bursting into flames.

"The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus reached 728,000 units, as of Wednesday, in Korea". And the Korean version of Bixby's voice control has not been delayed.

Official sales of the Galaxy S8 is to begin at both home and overseas on April 21. Mobile business chief Koh Dong-jin said: "We're sincerely preparing for the Chinese market with Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus". A report stemming from The Verge indicates Samsung aims to bring foldable devices to the consumer market by 2019.

It can perform several manual tasks on your behalf. That said, voice recognition generally is not all that easy to do. But the shipping of the devices will actually start April 19 so you probably will not receive it on or before April 21, which is when the devices would arrive in stores.

However, it will take longer for Bixby to operate in foreign languages, including English.

It's also not clear whether Bixby Voice will be available at launch in other English-speaking areas, such as the United Kingdom and Australia. The Samsung Dex dock can make your Galaxy S8/S8+ into a makeshift computer with the aids of a mouse, a keyboard and a monitor. There is still room to expand and grow. "But it's better for them to make sure that the technology is ready rather than rush it." said Bryan Ma, an analyst with research firm IDC.

We are being told that a full Bixby will be made available as an update later this year. "The S8 runs on Android Nougat, which has Google Assistant built in as standard". Rhee said the Bixby interface is "much more natural and easier to use". Even the dedicated side button for Bixby can be reconfigured to launch Google Assistant. This new development is an indication of Samsung's attempt to gain experience in voice assistants after it acquired Viv Labs last October. Also of note, that initial 620,000 figure included 150,000 high-end 128GB Galaxy S8+ models, which cost more than $1,000 each.

This news finally confirms what many people were expecting from the network operator. The strong pre-orders show that consumers have moved on from the Note 7 debacle. Whether that means all pre-orders won't be sent out at the same time is anyone's guess. There is no other information regarding the price, pre-order and availability of the mobile.

In fact, in 2017, the company's operating profit is expected to increase by 61 percent when compared with the year before.

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