Project Scorpio dev kit first image revealed

Penello hinted that more details about the games that the new console will support are coming soon and that they may even be shared during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. So we designed a console for 2016, and a console for 2017. Our guess, and it is just a guess, is $499, the same launch price as the original Xbox One, ' reads the Eurogamer report.

"I think we're on like a decade-long journey with VR, and we're still right at the beginning".

No, he wasn't talking about the Xbox One S or Project Scorpio.

Project Scorpio dev kit in front of previous Xbox dev kits.

For more analysis of Project Scorpio, be sure to watch the full video above and stay tuned to Gamasutra And if you found this analysis helpful, be sure to follow the Gamasutra Twitch channel for more developer interviews, editor roundtables, and gameplay commentary. When paired with a supported screen type, it eliminates the tearing on games that run with adaptive V-Sync with a maximum frame rate of 30fps. Spencer cited games like Destiny, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and GTA V to highlight how the biggest titles are starting to maintain their popularity across hardware updates and how Xbox needs to accommodate that. "We were kind of working on both plans simultaneously", Spencer revealed.

It's obviously in Microsoft's best interests to sound like it's listening to game developers, but amidst some of the marketing points there are clear instances in our reporting where Microsoft engineers worked with developers to make quality-of-life improvements to working with an Xbox dev kit. They've built a good 2016 PS4 Pro.

Sharing common goals with PS4 Pro, Scorpio is created to give Xbox fans not just better graphical detail in their games, but better performance, to boot.

"I'm a strong believer in console". Microsoft knew 4K would become more popular within the same timeframe as the current generation of consoles, but figured the new sets wouldn't get to scale until the mid-generation. "And what that appliance means in my family room, under my TV", he said. I think it's fair to say we've been, um, surprised by the performance gains that Scorpio is giving us.

What makes a Project Scorpio dev kits so special, however, isn't just its ability to replicate what it'd be like to play the game on a standard version of the console, but its ability to actually play games better than any console available today.

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