Burger King's Whopper gets negative definitions in ad stunt

Burger King's Whopper gets negative definitions in ad stunt

For less than three sweet hours, a Burger King ad successfully tricked Google's voice-activated Google Home devices into reading out the ingredients of a Whopper, in a marketing stunt created to "punch through that fourth wall", according to Burger King's President. By leaning into the camera and saying "OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?" at the end of the commercial.

A suggestion: move your Google Home far, far away from the TV. However, if you ask what a Whopper is your own voice, Google Assistant still answers.

Google Home owners beware: Burger King is plotting to hijack your smart speakers with its latest advertising campaign.

Assuming there are any Google Assistant-capable devices (like Google Home) in earshot, the intended result is to get them to read off the beginning of Wikipedia's article on the Whopper.

Smart assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo are meant to simplify our lives by controlling apps, services and information with our voice.

According to David Carroll, associate professor of media design at the Parsons School of Design, Burger King's approach might be a novel gimmick, but it will wear off fast.

"It's a cool way, and a bold way, to surprise our guests", said Jose Cil, president of the Burger King brand.

It's not the first time virtual assistants have been activated by the television - to the profound annoyance of users.

It was probably inevitable from the day that tech companies started coming out with voice-activated, wifi-enabled speakers, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo: A company has released an ad triggering one of the devices.

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Burger King also rolled out a new version of its chicken sandwich last month, and it enlisted "haters" - people who criticized the old sandwich on social media - to market the revamped item.

In March, Google Home irritated people when, unprompted, it alerted them to the opening of "Beauty and the Beast". They have, however, apparently taken steps in their own advertising to prevent user's devices from waking up from their commercials. If you want to cut to the chase and just see how this ad works, hit the source link below for a video of the ad in action.

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