Rapper 2pec allegedly bolts after $600 seafood feast

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Terry Peck ordered two $180 lobsters, 21 oyster shooters, one serve of baby octopus, half a dozen natural oysters and four coronas, a bill obtained by News.com.au says.

An aspiring rapper in Australia has been accused of attempting to skip on a restaurant bill by fleeing into the sea.

Peck appeared in court today, where he was charged with stealing and two counts of serious assault of a police officer.

He allegedly stole another six-pack of beer from the Surfers Paradise restaurant before police on jet-skis arrested him on Sunday afternoon. Rather, the manager claimed Peck ran after seeing the hefty bill. He ran onto the beach while being chased by restaurant staff, and eventually out into the ocean. Peck is also never allowed to return to Omeros Bros Restaurant.

"Oh God! By himself?" said Magistrate Joan White at the runaway rapper's hearing Monday. "There was oyster shell in the oyster [shot] and he said he was going to take off the bill".

2pec, according to media reports, claimed the lobsters were overcooked, an allegation a restaurant spokesperson has since denied.

He added that he did not enjoy the meal and described it as overcooked. Reportedly, Peck said he "wouldn't go back" to the restaurant, given his unsatisfactory meal.

Meanwhile, his lawyer a bit more diplomatically tried to explain that her client has a drinking problem.

He is due to face court again on Thursday 4 May. Sadly he was arrested before he could find the alleged friend, who if real (she is definitely not real) would probably not have been in the actual ocean.

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