Dallas emergency sirens hacked, sound overnight

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Sana says the sirens started at 11:40 p.m. Friday and the system was completely shut off by 1:20 a.m. Saturday.

Although it is not known if a single hacker or a group of hackers targeted the system, a city spokesperson said it was believed to have originated within the city itself. Officials don't know who was responsible for the hacking, but Vaz said "with a good deal of confidence that this was someone outside our system" and in the Dallas area.

Many Dallas residents flooded the 911 emergency system with phone calls attempting to inquire about what was happening.

Syed said that there was a surge in calls to 911 during the time the sirens were sounding. The outcome of this rather peculiar event was that the entire emergency line was flooded by calls, pushing the normal 10-second wait time up to a staggering five minutes.

In response to the deluge of inquiries, the city's Federal Bureau of Investigation office posted a tweet informing residents there was "no active emergency". Days earlier, North Korea conducted yet another ballistic missile test.

Authorities installed the sirens all over the city to serve as a warning system for natural calamities.

The sirens, which began at 11:44pm, did not stop until 1.20am.

The Dallas FBI attempted to calm people down by tweeting that the emergency sirens were malfunctioning and there was neither severe weather nor an active emergency. Dallas Resident Eric Lavender posted on Twitter.

Officials from the Dallas Office of Emergency Management said this wasn't a malfunction, and someone was intentionally setting off the sirens on goal.

Meanwhile, Mike Rawlings, the Mayor of Dallas, declared during a press conference that, in light of the recent events, the need to upgrade the existing security grid grow direr. Officials from the city's emergency management office have confirmed that there was no emergency, and that the system was breached by hackers. "We will work to identify and prosecute".

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