Uber, Lyft Expansion Included in State Budget Deal

The budget was due Saturday but lawmakers and Cuomo couldn't agree on issues including juvenile justice reform, education spending and an affordable housing tax credit in New York City.

"While some members of Congress are content to play political games at the expense of their constituents, I'm proud to join members of the New York Congressional Delegation in support of this legislation, which provides much-needed property tax relief while protecting New York's healthcare system", said Cuomo in a statement.

His budget proposal also tied $715 million in state aid to localities - a lifeline for many towns and cities - to state lawmakers' approval of the plan.

The extender funds government operations through May 31 and includes several infrastructure, environmental and economic development projects. Insiders and observers point to the end of the April 3 week as an unofficial "deadline" to pass a "full" budget-citing the scheduled two-week April legislative break which accommodates the Passover and Easter holidays.

In regard to raising the age of criminal responsibility, the governor argues it's time to raise the age because the state is one of only two in the nation that treat 16- and 17- year-olds as adults.

All felony charges would be handled in a new youth court.

Violent felonies would stay in criminal court, but could be moved to family court unless a "deadly weapon" was used, the victim suffered "significant physical injury", or the suspect was accused of sexual misconduct. Eighteen will be the new age for people to be tried as adults. They would go to youth detention facilities.

Prior to the deal, state Sen.

Negotiations between the Governor, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R), Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) Leader Jeffrey Klein (D) and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D) are expected to continue with the same intensity over the next few days, as the various conferences work to bridge disagreements on outstanding policy issues.

Although Cuomo said "he will not sign the budget unless $55 million is included for Direct Service Professionals", nothing is set in stone until the budget is signed and skeptics have voiced their concern about past promises that were just that - promises that never came to fruition.

Legislators, meanwhile, are missing paychecks. Renewing the developer-friendly 421-a tax credit program and lifting the cap on the number of charter schools in the state have also been contentious issues. The Democratic lawmakers, including Eliot Engel and Tom Suozzi, are seeking to adjust the formula that determines how federal matching dollars for Medicaid go to the states, potentially netting NY an extra $2.3 billion.

"The basic machine is running the way it's always run", he said Tuesday. Now that things have run off the rails, he's blaming the legislature.

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