United States issues trade challenge at fraught G20

The Plateau commercial district of Abidjan Ivory Coast is seen in 2014

And the Trump administration has not yet decided on the specific policies it will use to make good on campaign pledges to shrink US trade deficits and grow American manufacturing jobs.

There is still hope among advocates of free-trade that moderate voices in the Trump administration will gain influence. Both changes came about at the behest of the U.S. delegation, backing other G-20 members into a corner.

The G20 meeting in the German spa town of Baden-Baden marked his first appearance in an worldwide forum since he was appointed to the position.

China will work actively with parties concerned to push forward the financial cooperation among the BRICS countries and make more achievements, China's finance minister and central bank chief have said.

U.S Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin dismissed the previous communiqué as possibly irrelevant for the current global economic climate.

In Southeast Asia, oilfield services firm Ezra Holdings of Singapore filed for U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Saturday.

For Washington, the watered-down language that emerged in their communiqué ensures the USA can still use sanctions or other policy tools to punish trade partners and thwart economic policies the Trump administration believes to be unfair.

However, he added that it was good for the USA as long as it was balanced.

China's Finance Minister Xiao Jie noted that the BRICS, comprising of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, have been coordinating constantly and deepening cooperation in the financial sector, and made major contributions in promoting growth for BRICS and world economy and improving global economic governance.

The meeting will pave the way for a summit of national leaders in Hamburg, Germany, on July 7-8.

Mnuchin agreed to numerous meetings as he said he wanted to develop more relationships with his foreign counterparts.

Gabriel Felbermayr, an economist with the IFO in Germany said that the G20's failure to formally reject protectionism is "a clear breach of tradition" meaning "now everything is possible".

"I understand what the president's desire is and his policies, and I negotiated them from here", Mnuchin said, according to Reuters. "He is very constructive and talking about good relationships with all of his worldwide counterparts".

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