Royal Jordanian Airlines reportedly bans all electronic devices from carry-on luggage

We've reached out to Royal Jordanian and other Middle Eastern-based airlines for further details.

The tweet, posted March 20, said that "US departments" had issued instructions that from March 21, passengers on Royal Jordanian flights to and from the U.S. would be "strictly prohibited" from taking onboard electronic devices.

On Tuesday the TSA and DHS will announce temporary restrictions on the type of electronic devices that can be carried on-board certain flights from some overseas airports to the U.S.

The US government may have banned passengers from bringing any electronic device larger than a cell phone on board certain flights to and from the Middle East and Africa.

The source said it will impact over a dozen airlines flying into the US.

Prohibited devices include laptops, tablets, cameras, DVD players and electronic games.

In October, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued an emergency ban for fliers and crewmembers on Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones on all commercial flights in response to several reported incidents of the phones catching fire.

Meanwhile people are responding to the Royal Jordanian post and seem super frustrated with the sudden rule change.

The US Department of Homeland Security has declined to comment on the guidance, but noted it would provide an update as appropriate. Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, the only two USA carriers which operate to the Middle East, decline to comment.

Since Royal Jordanian did not make clear that this appears to be a new federal rule, people are also posting their confusion about why this is happening.

But it's not known which countries or airlines the directive will apply to, or how the ban will be enforced.

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