Planes collide over Canada shopping mall, kills one

Two planes collided above the Promenade Saint Bruno shopping mall Friday

One of the pilots was killed and the other was seriously injured, said police spokeswoman Nancy Colagiacomo. At least two other people were injured in the incident.

Police set up a security perimeter around the wreckage in the mall's parking lot.

From the ground, witnesses described seeing one plane shear the wing off the other.

He saw pieces of the plane fall out of sky. One witness said she was anxious one of the planes would was going to crash in front of the building's doors but it ended up on the roof instead.

There's no word yet on what caused the crash, we are working to gather more information.

Martinez said he ran to the plane and saw a man inside, whose body appeared to be crushed.

One eyewitness, Carol Pelchat, told the news channel that she heard two planes overhead when she came out of the shopping mall.

He said he and several others ran outside and saw the plane, which he said was leaking fuel.

One of the planes crashing into the parking lot, while another crashed onto the roof of the mall.

They said they will be conducting further interviews and sending what is left of the two planes back to labs in Ottawa in order to determine what went wrong.

"No one was panicking, but people started crying a few minutes later, when they realized a plane had fallen from the sky".

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating.

Cargair is a flight training and pilot school. The company later issued a statement saying they were cooperating with the investigators.

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