Nintendo Switch Comes with Cloud Save and New Improvements

There's a Monster Hunter Movie on the Way

If Nintendo had its way, the Switch wouldn't have had as much memory inside, and you might've had a very different gaming experience than the one you have today.

More news about the Nintendo Switch should be made available in the near future. Online auction sites regularly show the Switch going for more than its markup price, with a median selling price of $440, or about 47 percent, according to an analysis from Ars Technica. "Because of the popularity of Zelda, which is one of my top picks, we're putting together a Zelda bundle of hardware and accessories for customers to pick up online".

It was first reported by The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo is planning to double its production order for the Switch console. That number has now been updated to 16 million during the fiscal year following April 2017.

This week brings good news to the Nintendo Switch community as 5 new games have just been added to the lineup. Other developers were echoing the same concern, but NintendoEverything notes that the amount of RAM in the Nintendo Switch (4GB) ultimately ended up being exactly what Capcom requested.

Nintendo Switch owners were giddy with delight earlier this week at a rogue tweet sent out by the official South Park Twitter account. If demand for the Switch dips after the initial launch excitement, Nintendo will be stuck storing a lot of hard-to-sell hardware that it paid a premium to produce as quickly as possible. "We are meeting this demand by securing additional systems as fast as we can".

Nintendo Switch Amazon is also getting refreshed stock by March 31. The system sees Nintendo return to using proprietary cartridges for physical copies of games, but it also has 32GB of built-in flash storage, and accepts microSD cards for expandability. That way, you'll get to be on the look out for newer Nintendo Switch games, too, and maybe even revamped and better units since we've been hearing issues about the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons and docks.

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