Trump budget calls for border wall, border prosecutions

Border Wall May Face Resistance on Tribal Land

If the U.S. Customs and Border Protection gets its way, President Trump's border wall will be tall, tough and human proof.

Mexico-based Cemex, one of the world's largest suppliers of building materials, will not participate in construction of President Trump's border wall, a spokesman said Thursday.

The agency added, "Through the prototyping process, CBP may identify new designs or influences for new designs that will expand the current border barrier toolkit that CBP will use to construct a border wall system".

The proposals call for the construction of mock-ups and full-scale prototypes before the final bids for the actual wall are awarded.

Critics of the budget plan were quick to reject its underlying premise that the border is out of control and billions more need to be spent on security issues.

The prototypes, or scaled-down sample walls, are to be built in Southern California, close to the Mexican border in the USA city of San Diego.

The prototypes will be used to decide upon a design for the wall that ultimately is constructed along the border.

Even before President Trump took office his transition team was already taking steps to build the wall here.

The request from Customs and Border Protection also said vendors should submit wall designs that make it essentially impossible for a person to climb or gain access with a ladder. However, the prototypes will be as little as 30 feet long, and cost as little as $100,000.

Wall designs are also required to include a 25- to 50-foot automated gate to allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass through. One was for a solid concrete barrier, the other called for a similar structure containing see-through openings, apparently for border guards' use. It does not address the aesthetics of the Mexican side.

The documents stipulate that the wall should be "pleasing in color, anti-climb texture, etc.", and should be "consistent with general surrounding environment". The side facing the U.S. should also be "aesthetically pleasing in color". It should come as no surprise that Twitter wits had something to say about that aspect of the wall too. Last month, officials said proposals would be available around March 6.

The wall may be a dream-killer for those trekking through Central America and Mexico to reach the United States, but those gazing upon its stature from USA soil should expect a wall that blends in with the "surrounding environment".

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