Beauty and the Beast threatened with Russian 'gay propaganda' ban

Harrison chose Wedding Paper Diva's Gilded Scrollwork wedding invitations (available here) for their clean simplicity and golden touch of grandeur-a vibe that would seamlessly suit the Beauty and the Beast couple. In fact, right before I sat down in the theater, I had a last minute thought that perhaps this new take would ruin my childhood. The one who steals the show is Josh Gad, as Gaston's goofy, but lovable sidekick LeFou. It inspired Condon to bring the musical film back to the fore. Every week, we're challenging you with a new Broadway-themed topic to rank. From the opening scenes, her version of Belle comes across as confrontational and curt - not exactly the qualities you'd expect of a supposed princess.

Belle has no problem putting the Beast in his place, even though he's the one who supposedly is in control. "But there's a willingness now to be like, 'Fine, call me a diva, call me a feminazi, call me hard, call me a First World Feminist, call me whatever you want.' It's not going to stop me from trying to do the right thing". Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Audra McDonald, Ian McKellen, and Stanley Tucci are all great in a movie that jumps off the screen with a sense of pure joy.

However, Dan was less impressed with his costume, a "muscle suit" made of grey lycra that weighed 40 lbs. Introducing Maestro Cadenza, a musician who becomes a harpsichord grand piano in the film.

During the Hollywood premiere of the movie they closed two blocks. The character in the live action isn't just a narcissist, he's cruel. "I loved that about it".

"Classic fairytales have timeless messages in them, and I think every generation loves them and always finds something different in them".

It's been called a tale as old as time, so why should audiences go to see this new version?

Send us your photos of young "Beauty and the Beast" fans channeling or meeting their favorite characters and we'll post them online.

Beauty and the Beast turned out to be the ideal opportunity for Evans to fuse both of his careers.

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