Will Amazon's intelligent personal assistant Alexa kill Siri on iOS?

AMAZON- IROBOTAmazon Echo Alexa is about to get a major upgrade

However, this doesn't include locking and unlocking smart locks, as the Door Lock API isn't coming to Alexa in the Amazon app.

Amazon is bringing its Alexa assistant to the iPhone and iPad - at least for users of its shopping app. With the integration, users can ask Alexa questions, shop, play music, and also control Alexa-enabled devices at home.

And Alexa pretty much works in the same way it does on other Amazon devices.

It appears like Amazon will kill two birds with a single stone with the entry of its intelligent personal assistant Alexa to iOS via its shopping app. And via the app you'll be able to use Alexa in all the same ways you can when you access it by your Echo device.

David Hardcastle, Senior Manager at Amazon's Cambridge Development Centre, said: "The event has been a huge success, and it was great to host so many local teenagers with an interest in STEM".

Moving the complete feature set of Alexa over to iOS also presents trouble spots for Siri, which is considerably less alluring than Alexa is.

One planned update to Alexa will reportedly soon allow the service to tell different users apart just by the sound of their voice.

Some of Alexa's abilities to answer questions are also being added to the main app, while information about traffic and weather can also be requested.

Are you a fan of Amazon's Alexa but not interested in purchasing an Echo? But Siri is still iOS's primary voice assistant, which makes notions of total Alexa domination on iOS seem like a steep end goal.

This could gravitate more sales of the units once individuals get settled with Alexa. Beyond this, the company has sold something now approaching 10 million Echo and Echo Dot hardware devices, powered by Alexa.

The update will be rolling out to some users starting today and should be available to all by next week.

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