Where does Senator Bennet stand on Judge Neil Gorsuch?

Where does Senator Bennet stand on Judge Neil Gorsuch?

A coalition of 19 LGBT organizations says it has concerns about how Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, will treat their community.

Democrats, who still have bad feelings about Republicans blocking President Barack Obama's court pick Merrick Garland in 2016, don't have the votes to prevent Gorsuch from getting confirmed by the committee.

To any objective reader, Gorsuch's opinions on the Court of Appeals reveal a formidable and disciplined mind at work.

The Chevron decision is perhaps the most cited case in American law.

The basic idea is that Congress writes laws that often aren't crystal clear. In short, the agency is to fill in the details.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, left, meeting with Neil M. Gorsuch in Blumenthal's office last month. And then, if Gorsuch tries to give one of the standard non-answers, they need to press for real answers and persist until he gives one.

Recognize that name, Gorsuch?

Joining Schumer Wednesday were three people who have personally been affected by rulings from Gorsuch in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado - a man fired from his job in 2009, a woman who had a medical device implanted incorrectly and a cancer patient who was also fired from her job after treatment.

Still, Winkler, the law professor, said it's hard to know how Gorsuch would rule in the most important Second Amendment cases because his track record is so limited.

Senate Democrats are requesting more information about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch's role defending the George W. Bush administration in lawsuits over terrorism policies and interrogation of detainees. Gorsuch disagreed, incredibly arguing that the cross - the preeminent symbol of Christianity - didn't actually promote that faith. Opponents will claim that his decisions say things that they very clearly do not say, or stand for propositions that even a generous reading can not substantiate. His views on church-state separation are deeply troubling - and that's why we don't believe Gorsuch is the right choice for a seat on the nation's highest court.

In both of these cases, Gorsuch signaled his view that religion can be used to justify real harm to others, including the denial of access to crucial healthcare services like contraception. Gorsuch wrote a 2014 Tenth Circuit ruling against Hwang.

Alphonse Maddin was sacked from his job at TransAm Trucking in 2009 for abandoning his trailer in sub-zero temperatures. The temperature outside was 27 degrees below zero. Though his supervisor told him not to leave the trailer, Maddin unhitched it and drove away to seek shelter.

He said such communication may have been in violation of federal law requiring preservation of presidential records.

"Judge Gorsuch's views are so outside the mainstream that he has gone out of his way to side with felons over public safety", Peter Ambler, executive director of Americans for Responsible Solutions, said in a statement opposing Gorsuch's nomination. Gorsuch's nomination will not change the partisan composition of the bench -- there will still be four liberals, one moderate, and four conservatives on the bench -- and his huge personal and professional qualifications for the post will only enhance the collegiality and reputation of the Court.

He is also a believer in the primacy of congressional authority over the administrative state and urges vigilance against the over-delegation of powers that properly belong to elected representatives.

Gorsuch has an exceptional legal background that fully qualifies him to serve on the Supreme Court. "He's a principled conservative, but the way he's going to vote is going to line up with what Republican partisans want".

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