Monopoly Gives The Boot to Three Iconic Game Pieces

Monopoly Gives The Boot to Three Iconic Game Pieces

Three classic Monopoly pieces are being replaced with three new ones, as the thimble, the boot and the wheelbarrow have enjoyed their last dance. The boot got the boot (60,000 votes); the wheelbarrow will be rolled into storage (81,000 votes) and it's sew long to the thimble (83,000 votes).

Hasbro held a worldwide vote to decide the fate of the current Monopoly tokens. Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based Hasbro announced the winners Friday morning.

The Scottie Dog token actually had the most votes to put it in first place, in case you were wondering.

The decision was made by more than 4.3 million voters from 146 countries. Now, players will be able to choose between the three new tokens, as well as a battleship, a top hat, a race auto, and a cat, who until just now was the most-recent addition to the Monopoly crew.

Perhaps you'll find your new regular piece among the three new tokens being added to the game?

Monopoly, the 80-year-old American board game from Hasbro, is overhauling its iconic player pieces. The other four survivors from the 2017 contest are the Scottie dog, top hat, auto and battleship. The Scottie dog received the most votes overall.

And - *drum roll* - a Tyrannosaurus rex, a penguin and a rubber duck will be passing GO in the future, along with five of the classic tokens.

In 2013, Monopoly lost the clothes iron and gained a cat. It'll be joined on the sidelines by soon-to-be former tokens shoe and wheelbarrow.

Monopoly's official birthday is March 19, 1935 when Parker Brothers acquired the rights for the game from Darrow.

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