Lotus Elise Sprint sheds 90 pounds 03/17/17

Lotus Elise Sprint on sale now from £37,300

The Lotus Elise was never a particularly fat vehicle, but the British marque has stuck it on a treadmill anyway, resulting in a lighter and more lean Sprint edition.

The new model employs several lightweight features as standard, including a lithium-ion battery (-9kg), a set of carbon race seats (-6kg), new forged alloys (-5kg). Under the skin, lighter parts have led to a 10kg weight loss across the Elise range, while aerodynamics have also improved. Two-piece brake discs are available to reduce the weight further still.

The headline news for this Elise is a 41kg mass reduction, taking the dry weight to 798kg, although that does come with certain caveats. It can be had on both the standard Elise and the Elise 220, giving them a power-to-weight ratio of 168hp and 257hp per tonne, respectively ─ more than what the forthcoming Alpine A110 can do.

The Sprint offers quicker acceleration with 0-60 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds for the 1.6 model and 4.1 seconds for the Sprint 220. The Sprint is marked out with unique design tweaks, including a matte black rear fascia, black wheels, subtle side stripes and Sprint badging.

Actually, no. Well, sort of.

The Lotus Elise has received minor updates for 2017, including the addition of an all-new, ultra lightweight Elise Sprint model variant. Climbing into the Lotus Elise Sprint should be easier as the door aperture has been increased by up to 10mm. The vehicle is 23kg lighter than its predecessor, but with all lightweight options included that number increases to 40kg.

Orders for the new Elise range are now open.

Prices will start at £32,300, with the lightweight Sprint model coming in from £37,300.

The Sprint trim line can be specified with Elise Sport and Elise Sport 220 models and will shave 41 kg (90 lbs) from the outgoing Elise Sport.

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