How Iron Fist connects to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron Fist

"I'm not in the Defenders, no", the actor confirmed.

HollywoodLifers, are you still going to watch Iron Fist? David Wenham's Harold Meachum was hardly a nice man before he died of cancer - after all, he had the Rand family killed. Normally, Danny wouldn't even break a sweat facilitating an escape, but the drugs the doctors are forcing him to take every eight hours have numbed him to the point where he's unable to focus his chi - which is what enables him to call upon the power of the Iron Fist. The Hand believe that the age of government is over; corporations rule the world now, and the Hand work to rule the corporations. (Several days after speaking to Rolling Stone, he'll find himself in the middle of a Twitter argument about representation while defending the show on Twitter, note that the series is for fans and "not critics" and claim that Trump's presidency is to blame for the show's detractors.) "We're so used to seeing very clear objectives in a lead character - but this is a guy in his mid-twenties about to go into adulthood who has no fucking idea what to do with his life".

There are two main themes that people have disliked about the show: character development and "we've seen this before". What we do know is her name is Alexandra, and she will be played by Sigourney Weaver. Most fans have assumed that she's a gender-swapped version of a Marvel villain named Alexander Bont, who's particularly notable for causing serious problem for Daredevil. There was definitely ample opportunity to switch things up, whether it be an Asian character as Iron Fist or something else entirely. And when housed in a series that's as shoddy as Iron Fist is, it all begins to seem like a rather cruel and witless act of aggression.

Crucially, Iron Fist reveals that the Hand have more enemies than we thought.

But Rosario Dawson looked more like a Mayan one at the Iron Fist premiere in NY on Wednesday. "The characterization of Danny Rand may have remained true to its source material but our show incorporates and celebrates actors from all different backgrounds".

But it's Iron Fist's friendship with Cage that's really special. He wakes up Danny in the middle of the night, giving him an injection to keep him just on the side of lucid, and proceeds to interrogate him.

Danny Rand returns to NY to find himself, but ends up learning just as much about his family.

As a Marvel/Netflix completist, I'm willing to check back in with Iron Fist for additional episodes to see if the streets teach him some lessons and can make him the real deal. Hopefully, we'll get more insight into the character when the series' first proper trailer drops. Hollywood continues to come under fire for misrepresenting or outright excluding diversity in its products, and many fans were outraged when Marvel Studios sided with Netflix on an unpopular casting choice. Colleen Wing's character has also been marked with criticism. She displays incredible anger and maybe even a death wish, given her proclivity for tournament-fighting men twice her size, but the underpinnings of this anger are never explored. The awkwardness makes it look more Power Rangers than Daredevil. Why has he come home and what does he want?

"Iron Fist" is not a bad show and is not the first failure of Marvel and Netflix's joint venture.

Are you looking forward to "The Defenders"? .

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