Amazon putting Alexa inside iPhones

AMAZON- IROBOTAmazon Echo Alexa is about to get a major upgrade

Placing orders with your voice, tracking shipments, playing music, and controlling your smarthome devices can happen inside the Amazon app whenever you tap the microphone button.

Instead, users will be required to physically enter the Amazon app each and every time they want to use it, hardly the most natural or fluid user experience. In addition to shopping, a user can ask Alexa questions, stream Kindle books or music, or control Alexa-integrated smart home devices.

Following the update, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks in the US, users will see a microphone icon next to the search bar that they can press to call up Alexa.

Now even though Alexa might be better than Siri, the Cupertino giant's AI assistant still gets an upper hand due to its closer integration with the operating system.

Although Alexa has been added to iPhones, the voice assistant can't be used as a Siri-replacing standalone service. Many will probably revel about the fact that Alexa is now easily accessible on iOS.

Amazon has now extended the use of Alexa to all of their iPhone users. But those apps didn't have all of Alexa's features like Amazon's music streaming service.

Alexa has several other integrations with multiple devices.

This could gravitate more sales of the units once individuals get settled with Alexa. But once accessed via the app, Alexa will work like any other Alexa-enabled product, allowing users to do everything from turning on smart lights at home to setting a smart thermostat to a cozy temperature. Still, Still, you can now use Alexa on the iOS platform, and it lets you leverage skills and smart home capabilities. The update is scheduled to roll out in the coming weeks in the USA, with other regions expected to follow shortly after. Amazon's main objective of bringing Alexa to iOS might be to sell more things through the app, but it comes with pretty much the same features that are seen in Amazon Echo.

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