Pump bursts into flames after auto crashes into gas station

The Shell Station at Holman and 4th Aveue was about to be the scene of a dramatic car crash

A two-car collision in Seattle sent one vehicle slamming into a gas pump, knocking it about 35 feet away and starting a fire, according to our affiliate Q13. The auto was forced off the road, collided with a tree, and the vehicle split in two.

The surveillance video was captured the scene Monday (US time) night, it said.

According to Seattle police, a SUV crashed into a vehicle forcing the auto off the road.

Witnesses said the SUV went airborne over a curb, through a parking lot, and then barreled into a Shell Gas Station. The driver apparently tried to brake and lost control.

The crash produced a huge fireball that was caught on the gas station's security camera, and it looks like something straight out of a cheesy Hollywood action flick. The 40-year-old passenger was rushed to hospital so she could be treated for injuries, while firefighters worked on putting out the flames in the meantime. It had an Uber sticker on its rear.

Witnesses said the SUV missed two gas pumps, but it clipped a third and the pump burst into flames.

His passenger suffered minor injuries. The Uber driver, who police believe was impaired, was also taken to hospital and had blood samples taken.

The cleanup is continuing Tuesday. The company says it will work with the Seattle Police Department during its investigation into the accident.

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