Not so fast! Catholics CAN eat meat this St. Patrick's Day

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Southern Nevada Catholics will have something extra to celebrate on Friday, St. Patrick's Day - a traditional Irish-American dinner, if they choose.

It's OK for Catholics to eat meat this Friday, being that it's St. Patrick's Day and all.

"Friday itself remains a special day of penitential observance throughout the year, a time when those who seek perfection will be mindful of their personal sins and the sins of mankind which they are called upon to help expiate in union with Christ Crucified".

Father Arceneaux says its been a couple of years since they've had a Friday to be excused during lent season.

If you are feeling conflicted about the urge to celebrate St.

Leaders of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee granted a dispensation from both personal Lenten obligations and those prescribed by church law, said Bishop Martin Holley and Vice Chancellor Adam Rust in a letter.

But he wants you to give up something else to make up for it.

That's the word from the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which has announced that Archbishop Bernard Hebda has given permission to the region's estimated 825,000 Catholics and any other Catholics visiting to not observe the rule that bars eating meat on Fridays during Lent. According to the website for the Diocese of Spokane at, "Those who choose to take advantage of this dispensation are to engage in some other comparable act of penance".

During a homily Cupich delivered March 11 at a St. Patrick's Day mass, he reminded Chicago Catholics that it was once the Irish who were once "objects of suspicion due to their different faith and ways".

"Corned beef and cabbage!" he said.

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