Samsung Galaxy X: Foldable smartphone prototypes produced this summer?

Samsung's foldable phones have been stuck in the rumor mills phase for years now, with small tidbits of information about the futuristic handsets coming out periodically. The Korean company plans to position this new form factor at the top of its product line, above current flagships, according to an ETNews report. Several thousand units will be made and seeded to major partners including carriers. The timeline raises the possibility that Samsung will show off or tease prototypes of its foldable wonders at the IFA 2017 which is scheduled to take place from September 1 to 8 this year.

It is heard that Samsung Electronics is working on making appearance of its foldable Smartphone more luxurious and elegant as it is an ultra premium Smartphone.

"Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display have set a goal of releasing prototype of foldable Smartphone in this third quarter in order to verify quality of foldable Smartphone by producing thousands of prototypes".

Mass-production should start in 2018 after Samsung gauges demand for such a device. With foldable displays getting showcased at earlier trade shows, it was only a matter of time before they got reduced in size to the point where they could be used on smartphones and tablets. The news of a prototyping stage being entered suggests the reception may have been positive. BOE, Visionox, and AUO introduced prototypes of foldable panels and they are working on mass-producing world's first foldable Smartphones by working with Chinese Smartphone manufacturers such as LENOVO, OPPO, and VIVO. Once all this has been over and done with, the brand is apparently going to mass produce it officially. With that being said, the prototypes will instead be produced in the third quarter, which will then be distributed to testers and partners for get feedback about the said device.

It appears that Samsung is not the only company that has been rumored to be working on foldable display smartphone prototypes. It's unclear at this time what the first foldable smartphone from Samsung will have to offer other than the foldable OLED display itself.

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