Project Scorpio Gets A Microsoft Store Product Page

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New reports about the console's design and functionality have now surfaced, pointing to a slim design not all that unlike the Xbox One S design that we got previous year.

"The majority of the consoles that we're going to sell are the Xbox One S and I'm very proud of that", he said. Windows Central has it from "trusted sources" that the system will be able to capture 4K, 60fps gameplay for recording and streaming. However, we haven't really seen yet just how powerful the Xbox One Scorpio is.

├ąThe original Xbox One offers a big, beefy power supply that sits outside the console and in line with the power cord. 4K gaming is all the rage these days and with the newly released PS4 Pro falling short of the true 4K experience, Microsoft wants to make sure gamers who want the full 4K experience have a place to call home.

Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio is still far from being released, but it looks the company is already on the final stages of doing so.

Windows Central cites sources shedding some light on what Xbox fans can expect from Scorpio, which was announced last June at Microsoft's E3 press conference. As it stands now, with smaller details like the internal PSU being discussed, it would seem that all the bigger ones have been ironed out - meaning Microsoft's new console could be making quite the splash at Microsoft's E3 presentation this summer.

In previous interviews, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased with Project Scorpio: "We've found nothing false about their claims about the hardware". After a late surge in 2016, the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One for the past four months in a row, reestablishing both Sony's current console dominance and Microsoft's need for a successor to the Xbox One in short order.

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