Last ditch lifeline given in Maddie McCann investigation

Madeleine – British police given more cash to extend investigation

The British girl was 3 years old when she disappeared from her family's vacation rental in the seaside resort Praia da Luz in May 2007. Authorities say he "kept secrets" from them during the initial investigation.

Rumours are rife that police are honing in on a former worker at the Ocean Club resort where the McCanns were residing. The McCanns had lived in Rothley, Leicestershire during the incident.

The Metropolitan Police have been assisting in the search for the missing child since 2011 and while they're yet to uncover the mystery, the Sunday Express reported that police are hoping to speak to one person who was in the area that she went missing.

Intelligence agencies have been cooperating to find the "person of interest", who detectives believe could help solve this case.

The Correio da Manha newspaper said: "British police are understood to be preparing to question this new suspect".

In spite of reports claiming that the daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann had been seen in the likes of Morocco, Spain and Belgium, the girl's whereabouts are still unknown.

The news of the potential lead in the decade-long investigation comes after her parents were given an £85,000 ($150,000) cash boost to aid their search.

Nearly 10 years after Madeleine McCann's disappearance made headlines around the world, investigators are searching for a Portuguese former resort worker who may offer clues that could shed new light on the case.

The Home Office confirmed on Saturday that the Metropolitan Police had been awarded the additional funding to allow Operation Grange to continue.

Her parents had left Madeleine and her younger twin siblings asleep while they went for dinner with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant.

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