Intruder arrested on White House grounds

Intruder arrested on White House grounds

United States media said said the man was discovered around midnight on Friday by a Secret Service agent, near the building's south entrance.

In April 2016, an intruder threw a backpack over the outer fence and then scaled it before getting arrested. At a Saturday lunch, the president thanked the Secret Service.

That is when the officer stopped him, after which Tran said: 'I am a friend of the President.

On the computer, the Secret Service said it found a letter addressed to Mr Trump discussing Russian hackers and saying that Tran had "information of relevance".

He was living in his vehicle, the sibling added, before calling Tran a "very good brother".

The intruder's backpack was searched but nothing risky was found inside, official said.

The White House was put under a code "orange" which is the highest levels of security for the Secret Service, the network reported.

No hazardous materials were found in the backpack when the suspect was apprehended near midnight, and a search of the grounds revealed "nothing of concern to security operations", the Secret Service said.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was briefed on the incident, according to the Washington Post.

An intruder scaled a fence to breach White House grounds Friday night.

Another man wearing an American flag jumped the fence in November 2015.

The Secret Service and National Park Service have been working on a new fence design and other upgrades.

Several people have managed to trespass on White House grounds in recent years.

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