Apple to drop Touch ID for larger display

The speculated features of iPhone 8 have been leaked many times; however, the new reports are suggesting that upcoming iPhone 8 will have a new 3D camera. Check out the iPhone 8 concept in the video below and hit the link for more details.

He writes "the fire at ST Micro's fab in Crolles, France does not affect the CMOS sensor capacity for the iPhone 8's 3D sensing module, but would affect the microprocessor that has been used by Samsung [Electronics (005930KS)] and Apple for the camera module".

If Apple can ship the devices with a curved OLED display, that'd be nice, but this is unlikely to make or break the commercial success of the device. However, it looks like the Home button is going to be the first casualty in the new change, and according to Kuo, Apple is set to replace it with a new function area.

It's been a while that Samsung has included this feature, and Apple is now likely to borrow it for the iPhone.

Apple is notoriously secretive when it comes to revealing features ahead of a launch, and Munster warns investors that market sentiment may shift as the rumor mill comes into play in coming months. Instead, Apple is said to be going with a flat OLED panel with rounded edges-and I think they're right.

"We anticipate Apple will adopt a flat implementation of OLED design on their special iPhone model, which is analogous to the current 2.5D glass design", Lam said.

The iPhone 8, which noted Apple analyst Gene Munster refers to as the iPhone X, is the most awaited smartphone of the year.

The last year's survey was conducted when the iPhone 7 was just two months away.

Lam further added that similar to the recently unveiled LG G6, one can expect a longer touchscreen with a bigger screen ratio design. If Apple would have included a curved display, it would have been one of the most surprising additions. It has also been testing several models with different materials, like glass and aluminum as well as white ceramics for the chassis.

Vianney le Masne, lead UI/UX designer at Unbound and NearSt, has posted a new concept for the iPhone 8.

The latest speculation on the iPhone 8, is that there will be an iPhone 8 edition priced at $1000.

This feature has been rumored for the iPhone 8/iPhone Edition since the device's predecessor, the iPhone 7, made its debut a year ago.

This rumored augmented reality feature in Apple iPhone 8 will let it compete with Google's project Tango that aims to bring augmented reality feature in the smartphones.

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