Suspect fatally shot by police during violent confrontation in Orange

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Police, unsure whether the man meant to detonate his vehicle to harm or kill officers, then devised a plan to force him from the vehicle and stop a fire were he to succeed in combining gas can and lighter.

The man was driving a white GMC van, and around 11:15 p.m., officers tried to pull him over for a vehicle code violation, according to the Orange Police Department. The suspect had pulled out a knife, Lopez said.

The driver was armed with a knife when he eventually got out of the minivan after officers began smashing its windows and spraying water inside the vehicle. "It was, do we have a suicide?"

The man then produced a canister, and officers could smell gasoline.

The man locked himself in the minivan late Sunday with a gas can and lighter, and the hose was employed after he lit a cigarette and poured what appeared to be gasoline onto a rag, Orange police Lt. Fred Lopez said. "He actually at one point showed us the lighter and that he had something incendiary", Lopez told the Daily News. "The vehicle had privacy glass, so we couldn't see what other issues there were in the vehicle", Lopez said. "He parked his vehicle and then refused to get out of the auto".

A non-lethal round of rubber projectiles was ineffective so officers used lethal force, Lopez said.

The man can be seen crawling out of the driver-side window - forced out by the water. The suspect jumped out the front as the police shouted "knife, knife" and then gunshots were fired.

Lopez says an officer then fired at the unidentified man who was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The shooting was being investigated by the county district attorney's office.

Orange County coroner officials did not immediately identify the deceased suspect Monday morning.

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