Sheriff: Women saved from being pulled under cruise ship

He is seen saving Allison Garrett 20 and Skylar Penpasuglia 19 both of Princeton West Virginia and who were in town for Spring Break

According to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, "as the two frantically tried to right the jet ski, the wind pushed them into the Port channel, directly into the path of the outgoing cruise ship".

Fortunately, SeaPort Security Deputy Taner Primmer was in a BCSO boat, patrolling the port for the cruise ship departure.

In town for Spring Break, Allison Garrett, 20, and Skylar Penpasuglia, 19, were riding the watercraft together when it overturned, dumping them into the water.

While attempting to get back on board, the panicked vacationer accidentally flipped the jet ski over completely.

A Port Canaveral harbor pilot and a Brevard County marine unit were able to save a pair of recreational watercraft riders as a massive Carnival cruise ship barreled toward them, coming within feet of them.

Pentasuglia, Garrett and their families thanked the deputy in responses to the sheriff's office Facebook post. That means there is very little room for a cruise ship to maneuver.

While there might seem to be plenty of room for everyone out on the open ocean, a marine traffic incident nearly led to a group of jet skiers getting run over by a Carnival Cruise Line ship in a Florida harbor. Brown, working with the Captain and bridge team of the Carnival Magic, maneuvered the vessel away from the boaters while Deputy Primmer pulled both boaters aboard his patrol vessel and out of harm's way.

Primmer, he said, "placed his life in peril without hesitation to rescue the Port visitors", Ivey said.

"Get in! Get in!" some of the Magic's passengers screamed. Brown's quick actions also gave "Deputy Primmer the extra seconds he needed to save the young girls".

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