Messenger Day, Facebook Messenger's Answer to Snapchat Stories, Is Officially Here

Messenger Day, Facebook Messenger's Answer to Snapchat Stories, Is Officially Here

The features of Messenger Day are easy to use and will feel familiar to those who have used Instagram's Stories, WhatsApp Status, or the original Snapchat's Stories feature.

The company debuted a new feature Thursday called "Messenger Day", available to users of its Messenger app. Shortly after the launch of Instagram Stories, it amassed as many users as Snapchat had - about 150 million.

To facilitate this, Messenger Day includes a collection of photo and video filters - like the time of day or call-outs asking to grab food - that will provide appropriate context for friends viewing posts. You can also choose to make your "My Day" story private for people. That's great news for those posting sexy stories and thirst traps.

The company says the move is to "put the camera front and centre" of its messaging app and is additionally part of Facebook putting "video first across all apps and services". One option is 'everyone except, ' and in that case you can decide who's not allowed to see it. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told Recode in December that Instagram users have been sharing much more to the app since the launch of Stories. And, Snapchat allows you to customize your Story's permanent privacy settings so you can control who views it. When a photo has been taken to send to a friend there is the option to add it to a Day. They disappear after twenty-four hours, or you can delete them before then if you so choose.

But, what you can also do is create a custom group of your crushes - or just one crush - to share your Day with. The photo or video that you add to your day will be viewable for 24 hours.

If you're wondering how to go about this next-level flirting, here's how to do it. You can also tap on the "Add to your day" button which is located at the top of your Inbox, beside the other Messenger Day posts from your friends. Doing this opens the camera in the full-screen mode, using which you can click a photo or record a video and add art and effects to your image.

Then just like Snapchat, you can send to whoever you choose - including close pals, your whole contact list or maybe just your other half (wink wink emoji). To help set Messenger Day apart, Facebook has made these disappearing slideshows more about jumpstarting a conversation with friends or making plans rather than about documenting your life.

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