Samsung to Shift Some Production of Home Appliances to US

The Samsung leader's defense team claimed that the special prosecution's indictment relies on conversations, evidence, and witnesses that the prosecution did not actually hear or investigate according to the law - and also states a number of opinions which have been presented as the ultimate truth are not factual.

The Samsung executive was arrested in February on charges of bribery, embezzlement, and perjury.

"The indictment cannot have statements that can create prejudices in the court about the case", Song told reporters as he left court.

Lee is accused of paying $40 million to a friend of the South Korean president Choi Soon-Sil, in exchange for policy favors.

He has denied he lobbied South Korea's financial regulator, the Financial Services Commission, to list Samsung Biologics, the group's bio-pharmaceutical unit, which had posted a deficit three years running.

The date of the next hearing will be decided next week.

Kim Dong Seon, the youngest son of the group's chairman Kim Seung Youn, was found guilty on Wednesday of assaulting employees at a bar and damaging a police vehicle that was transporting the 27-year-old to a local police station on Jan 5, a spokesman at the Seoul Central District Court said.

At a media event where Samsung's officials were present to unveil the company's latest washing machine that would belong to the premium category, Suh Byung-sam, Executive Vice President of the digital appliances business of the consumer electronics division at the South Korean firm stated the following according to Korea Herald. Some 29.8 billion won of that was paid, which forms the basis of the embezzlement allegations.

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