Rockland Church Offering "Ashes to Go" UPDATED

Revellers at the Rio Carnival 2016

Parish secretary Breda Keaveney said: "It was just so reverent and so respectful". The Memorial Lutheran Church in Ames will have an Ash Wednesday service at 7 p.m.

Easter Sunday always falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring equinox. "This day marks the beginning of the Lent season".

This year, the Carnival season was quite long, lasting for nearly two months.

Emily Cooper of Duluth who attended the first mass on Wednesday, wanted to start the day with Jesus as she began her journey through Lent, she said.

In tradition, many Christians begin their 40-day journey by coming to church on Ash Wednesday for a service of penitence. This is, however, not meant to replace traditional observance for those who have the time and commitment to attend a fuller Ash Wednesday service.

Co-pastors Michael and Suzanne Katschke spent the morning of Ash Wednesday with others in mind. According to the ancient Roman tradition, Pope Francis will chair the penitent religious service, the SITA newswire wrote.

St. Michael's will also be hosting a presentation called The Shroud Encounter on April 1 and 2.

The celebration of Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, a season in which Christians are invited to prepare spiritually for the great mysteries of Christian faith - the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. "We become, on this day, a visual extension of the love of Christ-a love which transcends time and distance, whether in the real world or the virtual world". Other Christian denominations make fasting optional, with the main focus being on repentance. In this context, ashes on the penitent served as a motive for fellow Christians to pray for the returning sinner, and to feel sympathy for him or her.

To become more focused on the Lenten season, many Christians make sacrifices and give up things that they are used to indulging in, such as candies and soda.

Catholics traditionally receive the blessing at this time of year at a Mass.

"If you go and look at the Glitter Ash promotional page that Parity put together, there is no mention of sin at all", Walton relays.

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