Telstra Will Switch On LTE-Broadcast In Australia Next Year

Telstra Will Switch On LTE-Broadcast In Australia Next Year

"Our solutions enable Telstra to collaborate to deliver seamless connectivity and service continuity with LTE-Broadcast, with scale and great quality of experience", Romano said.

21st Century Fox, owners of the 20th Century Fox film studio, has teamed up with Ericsson and Telstra, Australia's largest telecoms and media company, to create a content delivery solution that preloads movies onto users' devices - before asking them to pay for the films.

Telstra also plans to launch a 24x7 linear streaming channel using the technology, initially for certain compatible Samsung devices.

It will use Telstra's media network, using its LTE-B capability to pre-position content, and, as a result, will "have limited impact on overall network traffic with little to no addition infrastructure cost", according to Telstra CEO Andrew Penn.

"Telstra's LTE-B product roadmap will include 24x7 linear streaming, live sports coverage beyond stadiums, pre-loading of popular content, news clips and games highlights".

"Ninety nine percent of Telstra's 4GX sites are already LTE-B capable, with the intention to have nationwide enablement and coverage for LTE-B by 2018", Telstra group managing director, networks, Mike Wright, said in a statement.

"With this world first LTE Broadcast enabled PTT call, we have shown that our LANES network can provide reliable prioritised communications to both PSAs and business customers with critical communications needs". Combined, the LANES solution and LTE Broadcast enabled PTT will provide PSAs and critical applications with prioritized access and preferential treatment for voice and data services.

In line with these ambitions, Telstra is also adopting technologies including session continuity and dynamic switching, and aims to introduce these capabilities to its network by November 2017.

"Work has commenced to transform our network to increase its value to businesses as they shift IT into the cloud, improve productivity and efficiency with mobility, store and process business critical data in the cloud, and apply machine learning to solve complex challenges, while ensuring regional Australians enjoy the same experience as those in our major cities", he said. "Starting with the nationwide optical network, to advancing mobile networks with 5G radio trials, and progressing the shift to cloud network functionality and enabling new specialized workloads; together we are putting the network fundamentals in place for Telstra's Network of the Future program", Romero said.

In 2017, Telstra will undertake a production pilot of MooD enabled delivery of streaming content.

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