Scott Pruitt: It's 'Justified' For People To Want The EPA Abolished

Scott Pruitt: It's 'Justified' For People To Want The EPA Abolished

Under his leadership, Pruitt said, the EPA would pay close attention to the rule-making process to ensure any new rules do not go beyond what is allowed under federal law.

The Trump appointee signalled that the president is set to start the work of dismantling climate and water rules as early as next week.

And how do we know that doubling down on fossil fuel extraction won't increase global warming and lead to worse and worse natural disasters?

"As we look forward to the next four years I think at this point we should recognize that we should have hope and optimism".

Pruitt sued the EPA over its pollution regulations 14 times while he was attorney general of Oklahoma, often in concert with oil and gas interests.

Lastly, Pruitt told the crowd he would put a focus back on the states.

He said the agency was going to do the work necessary to make changes.

"We know what those are: The previous administration took the Waters of the United States rule and transformed the Clean Water Act and made puddles and dry creek beds across this country subject to the jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.", Pruitt said.

Pruitt built his political career fighting federal regulations he said usurped states' power, joining more than a dozen lawsuits challenging EPA actions.

Documents drafted by the Trump administration would direct Pruitt to begin dismantling those measures, helping fulfill the president's pledge to eviscerate rules he describes as hampering U.S. energy development. Additionally, within days of his confirmation, Scott Pruitt moved to hamstring the Agency.

"We are going to be a partner that advances environmental issues and restores the notion of "federalism" that's consistent in our environmental statues", he added. "We have always believed that you can grow jobs, grow an economy, while also doing what? We can do both". Steve Milloy, a lawyer who was part of Trump's landing team for the agency, said the EPA should not conduct science and then base regulations upon the findings. "There's going to be a lot of litigation".

Pruitt has become a punching bag for environmentalists and Democrats, many of whom are convinced the Oklahoma Republican will do everything he can to dismantle the EPA. "Pruitt's office had many months to provide his emails with corporate polluters but is now complaining they don't have enough time".

"He is clearly and directly endangering the health and safety of millions of people in order to line the pockets of corporate executives".

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