Why Jimmy Kimmel Might Leave Late Night TV

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Jimmy Kimmel is contemplating retirement following the expiration of his 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' contract in 2019.

The self-professed "control freak", Kimmel has done "Jimmy Kimmel Live" for 14 years where he spends up to 70 hours a week putting the nightly show together, according to Variety. "I do think there's a certain type of movie that's not considered for awards". "It's possible that will be it". As for why he's considering this, Kimmel notes that his wife is pregnant and that he'd like "a little more free time". "I don't know, it's something that got, you know how it is... you say one little thing and then it gets blown up".

That's a very reasonable concern. That's astounding, especially considering he's only 49.

"However you want to look at it, I would like him to go home with nothing", Kimmel concluded. 'I like to draw.

Moreover, he would also like to write a book soon. "Doing the show every day doesn't leave time for that".

Of course, Kimmel assured, he would miss television. "And if he does, I'll be heartsick", the tv host added.

But the best Kimmel moment was probably this skewering of the aforementioned Leno (on Leno's own show!) in the wake of the Conan/Leno Tonight Show controversy.

Kimmel, who has twice hosted the Emmy Awards, will make his Oscars debut on Sunday. Last week, Damon, 46, told DeGeneres, 59, that Kimmel will do a bad job hosting the Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, as ABC News pointed out, Jimmy Kimmel is rather busy preparing to host the Oscars. There is certainly going to be a 5 minute series of anecdotes with the host's opening monologue featuring a mention of the Oscar nominated films and artists of the year.

The final instructions from Douglas was to jump up and down on a trampoline as Kimmel quipped: 'I feel like I'm going to wind up on the no fly list'.

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