New Jersey governor Chris Christie: 'The Phillies suck'

Trains not drains New Jersey lobbyists on way to swamp DC

A New Jersey judge has ruled that a criminal complaint against Gov. Chris Christie over the Bridgegate scandal can go forward.

But Bergen County prosecutors announced last month that they would not prosecute Christie on the complaint brought by Brennan, and it appeared the case was dead.

That during a meeting in Seaside Heights, Christie flew into a rage over being asked by Kelly to introduce people, and asked her, "What do you think I am, a ****ing game show host?"

"This judge has once again violated the Governor's constitutional rights and intentionally ignored the earlier ruling by Assignment Judge Mizdol", Murray said.

Spicer pushed back on speculation that Christie would be drafted to beef up the White house staff.

Christie would need to be indicted by a grand jury in order to go to trial. Last month, the Bergen County prosecutor's office, which would prosecute the case, wrote in a letter that it wouldn't pursue charges because it didn't feel the evidence could prove official misconduct beyond a reasonable doubt.

Two former Christie aides were convicted of federal charges in November.

"The Phillies suck", Christie began.

Chris Christie chowed down with President Trump at the White House Tuesday amid speculation that the New Jersey governor might join the administration as it grapples with growing pains. The law requires this judge to have done the same.

Christie scowled, draped his right arm around Hinson's shoulder and deadpanned, "I'd rather have my teeth drilled than listen to that very bad song, 'Fly, Eagles Fly.'"If they want to take some anger out at me, I'm all-I have no problem with it at all", Christie said of Eagles fans".

Christie has denied knowledge of the scheme while it was ongoing.

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