Monopoly Is Killing the Thimble Because You People Are Heartless

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IT'S "sew" long to the thimble, as the iconic Monopoly piece has been AXED from the game. Just a few years ago the iron token was voted out in favor of a cat charm.

The game's original game pieces were a top hat, thimble, iron, shoe, battleship and cannon.

After almost a month of voting in the Monopoly Token Madness campaign, more than 4 million votes from fans around the world decided that the Thimble token will not "Pass GO" in the next generation of the Monopoly game. If not, then what is your favorite token?

Players also had the option to vote online on a new pawn to replace the thimble, with choices including monster trucks and flip-flops.

After more than 4 million votes cast by the public, the thimble failed to make the cut, it said.

And it may not be the only piece retired. The token that will be replacing it is now unknown - the Vote Monopoly site, which hosted the event, says that winning tokens will be revealed on March 19, 2017, which has been dubbed Monopoly Day.

Is the thimble gone forever, though?

Although crowdsourcing input is unique for the brand, Hasbro has launched 300 different versions of Monopoly to date.

Current versions of the game feature 16 tokens which seems to defeat the goal of everything described in the previous paragraphs, but far be it for us to upset the Big Board Game lobby. "We want them to continue to weigh in with ideas".

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