Bray Wyatt defends title against John Cena, AJ Styles

WWE has the Elimination Chamber 2017 PPV tonight! This left the Ascension to pin them and win the titles for the first time since being called up to the main roster, right?

It would be easy to pick from any number of high spots between Wyatt, Cena and Styles in the main event.

Spain: There's a fair few directions to take here.

The fatal three-way for Bray Wyatt's title was delayed after former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper ambushed the champion and smashed him down to the floor.

We see Dean Ambrose searching for Baron Corbin. The fact that it's still unclear who will turn on whom is a great wrinkle; Orton turning on Bray seems obvious, but don't count out a nuclear babyface run for Bray where he realizes his true family was with him all along.

Sam P - The victor goes against Orton at Mania.

No one feels sorry for Charlotte, of course, but the WWE superstars and bosses were down with the idea of a new queen. I liked how the collar and elbow tie-up went all the way to the floor, clearly symbolizing that this was going to be a very even matchup and it was.

Worst Match of the Night: American Alpha def.

Jordan hit a handful of powerful suplexes when he got his chance and the dream team combined to pin Victor and keep their momentum going.

Their match, however, doesn't seem big enough to close out WrestleMania 33.

Spain: Multiple wins over the Champ doesn't guarantee Naomi the victory. However, in this case, there are many variables.

Sam P - Miss Bliss dismisses Uso's Mrs into the abyss. It didn't make much sense to put two faces against a non-monstrous heel (Braun Strowman, maybe - but Ziggler?) and turned out to be mostly a one-on-one anyway, after Kalisto got ambushed before he could even reach the ring. "And if we don't get our rematch by then, you could either give me the title, or, or I could "snatch" your dignity by beating you up and down this ring and take back my title".

- Mickie James def. Becky Lynch: Becky appears to be working on softening up Mickie's arm early on, and she rolls her up for more than one near-fall.

Seven year after she joined WWE as part of the original NXT, Noami won her first singles championship by beating Alexa Bliss.

It is expected that Nikki vs. Natalya will continue this week on SmackDown Live with Maryse likely interfering in the match. They look destined or feud with the Usos after a post-elimination beat down from the Samoan pair, but their interaction aside, this collaboration of tag teams from the blue brand felt a little forced. Either way, Dolph has more reason to become infuriated.

Widro - Somewhat odd to book a heel to be at a 2 on 1 disadvantage. Orton's going to WrestleMania as a Royal Rumble victor: he has to prevail, short of a completely unexpected turn of events.

Spain: It's wonderful how much mileage they've gotten out of Nikki's relationship with Cena. I'll call it for Nikki, considering the rumours of oncoming retirement.

There was outpouring of support after the match from her fellow performers, male and female, as she finally got to the top of the mountain. We're still in the infancy of turning it around. The commissioner or general manager or backstage interviews to reinforce was what seen in the pre-match video packages.

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