Most impressive dance moves for ladies unveiled

Most impressive dance moves for ladies unveiled

Wondering which moves to bust out on the dance floor to look hot? Here are answers backed by science.

It also found that an "intermediate" use of asymmetric thigh and arm movements were deemed impressive by both men and other women.

Study judges gave higher marks to dances that involved bigger hip swings, as well as asymmetrical movements of legs and medium range of asymmetric arm motions.

And a medium level of asymmetric arms movements got the crowd going too. Certain cultural differences may come into play, said author and psychology associate professor Nick Neave, but in general there could be a consensus on who is a good and bad dancer. According to the team, these preferences may clue in on the dancer's health as well as femininity, where hip swinging, for instance, may be used as a signal of fertility.

"To be able to move independently and do different things with different limbs, it is a good overall sign of the cortical motor skills", Neave said.

Furthermore, the study points out, previous research has suggested that a woman's body movements can indicate how fertile she is.

They were then turned into avatars to disguise their features and remove the possibility of judgements on how tall, attractive or well-dressed the individuals were. The digital avatar's movements were then replayed in 15 second clips to represent each of the 39 dancers, and a sample group of 200 rated each clip on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being the ultimate panty dropper... To aid in that search, Northumbria University conducted a study to objectively define what dance moves are most attractive.

They found that the top rated male dancers have plenty of upper body movement incorporated into their moves.

The researchers did a lot of calculations to determine more precisely what makes one dancer better than another.

And the researchers have lofty ambitions for the future of movement studies.

He told The New York Times: "One is, they're showing off their reproductive quality, perhaps their hormonal status, to males".

'We are trying to develop accurate methods and statistical techniques to discriminate between movements that are perceived to be "good" in dancing and walking.

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