Trumponomics: Trump Meets With Chinese Billionaire to Talk 1 Million Jobs

Ma and Trump met at Trump Tower in New York City, with Trump calling it a "great meeting" and Ma saying the meeting was "very productive".

Ma's reported focus on America's Midwest "makes me think of opportunities for, say, Wisconsin dairy farmers", Clark said.

Mr Ma met US President-elect Donald Trump on Monday to discuss how the company could add US businesses to its platform.

After the meeting at Trump Tower in New York City, Ma and Trump said the jobs would be created by allowing some US businesses to sell to China through Alibaba's platforms. Ma has previously talked about his goal of getting American businesses to embrace the Chinese online shopping service.

While the lawsuit is certainly a huge step in Alibaba's efforts to police its platform, having Trump as an ally with the goal of creating 1 million new can remove or soften the pressure Alibaba faces from USA consumer-protection regulators. He promised as well to call China a manipulator of currency the first day he is in office.

Harley Lewin, a partner at NY law firm McCarter & English, says, "Jack Ma is great at PR and Trump is a sucker for anybody who kisses his whatever".

"There's nothing to lose in talking about what they're trying to do here which is stimulate demand in China", he added. However, this proposal does not involve any commitment to hiring new staff in the US itself by Alibaba. They made $15 billion in sales to Chinese consumers past year.

But some foreign retailers have had mixed success on Tmall. Coach the maker of luxury handbags closed its store recently on the platform. Many questions remain about Ma's pledge to help create "one million USA jobs" by enabling mid-size U.S. companies to reach the "300-million-strong Chinese middle class".

"There's no one who could prove or disprove how likely that's going to be", he said.

Now, at least in part, on the business-to-business level, he seems to be willing to allow more businesses, both U.S. and foreign, to join his economic program.

According to Mr. Trump, it was a "great meeting".

Alibaba Group Holding is leading a bid to take department store chain Intime Retail Group private for as much as HK$19.8 billion (S$3.7 billion), as China's largest online retailer deepens its integration with brick-and-mortar stores in Asia's biggest economy.

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