Instagram to Add Advertising Features in Instagram Stories

Instagram to Add Advertising Features in Instagram Stories

Monetizing a young feature is risky, but it's clear that Instagram believes Stories' growth is strong enough to take on further competition from Snapchat and any drop-off in users that the ads may cause. It also says that 70% of users are following businesses, potentially making targeted ads more valuable than on other platforms.

Remember the Instagram Stories feature?

Users won't see any signs of the ads until the way watch through multiple friends' Stories in sequence.

Despite its penchant for copying, Instagram Stories is growing incredibly quickly.

This feature in combination with Facebook's measurement tools will be able to give brands a much thorough picture of businesses around the world - something Snapchat lacks.

Meanwhile, Instagram Stories is actually a good place to spawn ads.

The social media company is also launching new tools for all those businesses that will be advertising. A carbon copy of Stories on Snapchat, the feature allows users to post short, disappearing videos separate of their permanent posts.

Instagram is trying to boost revenues making it an important part of Facebook's ad income in 2017. However, that doesn't say much considering that with the advent of creative advertising, publishers are creating ads that is nearly as good (and sometimes better) than actual content.

"We're excited to see how brands think about integrated storytelling to get their message in front of people", Shah said.

The social network will soon roll out "mid-roll" ads that will automatically appear during videos uploaded to the service, according to a report in tech news site Recode that was based on anonymous sources with knowledge of the offering. The advertisements will be either in picture or video format and will have durations of 5 and 15 seconds respectively. While revenue is becoming more possible for publishers, high quality content that viewers stick around for is necessary for the ads to be financially rewarding.

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