Emoji Monopoly tokens? New game pieces up for internet vote

The eight current tokens for Monopoly including the top hat boot and thimble

On the possible chopping block are the eight current Monopoly tokens: the Scottie dog, top hat, car, thimble, boot, wheelbarrow, battleship, and the newest game piece: the cat token, which was added in 2013 to replace the iron following a fan vote. That means the auto, too.

Fans can vote online until January 31 and choose up to eight tokens they'd like to see in the upcoming Monopoly update.

The Monopoly board game is infamous for tearing families apart on game night, and this latest PR move by Hasbro could send coffee tables into a parallel dimension.

The results of the voting will be announced on March 19, and the newly-updated game will be sold in stores starting this August.

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Monopoly tokens have been a major part of the game since it was introduced in 1935, but the lineup has changed a few times over the years.

Called the Monopoly Token Madness Vote, you can now pick among 50-plus choices what tokens are packaged in Monopoly.

Hasbro opened the worldwide voting to fans today and it will run through the end of the month.

The Scottie dog, top hat, car, thimble, boot, wheelbarrow, battleship, and newcomer, the cat, are all up from elimination from the Big Brot--, er, Monopoly house, as it were.

Internet denizens can also vote for a hashtag and emoji options, including a winking smiley-face, thumbs-up symbol, crying-laughing face and a Rich Uncle Pennybags version of an emoji face.

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