Resident Evil 7 Confirmed For Windows 10 Store Release

Resident Evil 7 Confirmed For Windows 10 Store Release

When it's released on January 24 next year, Capcom's latest Resident Evil will be available on Windows 10, Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. The game will be powered by the new RE Engine, will feature a first-person perspective, and promises to embody the series' signature gameplay elements of exploration and tense atmosphere.

If you aren't too fond of navigating or dealing with the Windows Store, fret not as there is a Steam version of Resident Evil 7 if you are not at all interested in cross saves between PC and Xbox One. Capcom the publisher of "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" confirmed that it supports the cross save feature of the game.

It's may be a fun feature, but that cross save between the Windows 10 and Xbox One versions of Resident Evil 7 is entirely pointless unless it'll be part of the Play Anywhere program. This cross save is also applicable to Multiplayer Titles.

Anticipating fans and gamers were treated to more than enough trailers, previews and demos for Capcom's upcoming "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard". It is still exclusive for Xbox one. However, neither Microsoft nor Capcom have officially confirmed RE 7 as such, with the label typically being applied only to games exclusive to the Xbox One.

IGN points out that cross-platform saves are one of the key features for the Play Anywhere concept being pushed by Microsoft. It is also equipped with high dynamic range (HDR) and 4K display support, meaning it is compatible with users of Sony's newest PS4 Pro.

Resident Evil 7 drops in just two months and it seems like every week we are getting brand new pieces of news, but we aren't complaining.

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