Infant ejected from car is found alive in storm drain

Baby Bryce was virtually unharmed after her ordeal

A family in Texarkana, Arkansas, have something to be thankful for this holiday weekend. The baby was thrown from the auto after the vehicle was hit by a semi-truck, and flipped over during the crash on Friday. According to Moore, the baby was not crying or upset, just "waiting" patiently with her hands up ready for someone to pick her up, perhaps knowing that everything was going to be alright - even after surviving such a traumatic event just minutes prior. First Responders say the 8-month-old was tossed about 35 feet before landing in the grate.

"A good samaritan was already out here, searching for the baby, and he claimed he heard something from this general direction", Moore said.

Rescuers believe the baby rolled down a hill to the drain. In fact she just sat there, looking up and waiting patiently for her rescuers, he told KLSA.

The family vehicle flipped over and the 8-month-old girl was thrown from it. Survivors looked for her, but could not find her. "It took 3 of us to work her around the grate and get her back up through", said Smith. The little girl suffered one minor injury and all others were released from the hospital soon after, except for the driver, who is still recovering from the crash. For Moore, he said there had to be some kind of "divine intervention" for her to come out of the wreck uninjured.

All four people who were in the auto were later released from hospital.

The driver of an 18-wheeler has been cited for an improper and unsafe lane change.

Investigators discovered that the child's vehicle seat was not properly installed, but authorities did not issue a citation to the family. "To have a positive just feels good", Smith said.

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