3 Super Bowl Coaches Set to Bid Bye to Their Careers

3 Super Bowl Coaches Set to Bid Bye to Their Careers

A football manager can coach his team for a decade. This was the presumption the late AI Davis who was once a trainer to Oakland Raiders had in his mind. However, according to updated Super Bowl lines from sites like MyBookie, as time went by, he came to realize that this created monotony that stagnated the players’ progress.

This saw John Madden thrown out of the club after several seasons of triumphing over their opponents. The same criteria was adopted by the SF 49ers and dropped Bill Walsh who had been in the field for 10 years and his successor, George Seifert sent home eight years later. From 1976 to 1994, the Quartet had managed to emerge victors in eight seasons.

Not long ago, the New York Giants coach, Tom Coughlin was sent packing after having served for 12 years. In all those years, his players outdid its counterparts twice. During his last stages, signs of defeat were evidently showing motivating Davis to substitute him.

Don Shula, Chuck Noll and Mike Shanahan made their teams (Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos respectively) proud by steering them to win through numerous training sessions during their early years into this industry. But as time advanced, the teams deteriorated to the dismay of everyone. Perhaps this is the main reason today why tacticians who have been in the game for too long deserve to be replaced.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick seem to be battling it out for the main Cup in New England and are not about to stop. But the other teams’ coaches seem to be putting in a lot of effort as they come close to 10 years anniversary. They are Marvin Lewis, Mike McCarthy, Mike Tomlin and Sean Payton each coaching Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints in that same order. Unfortunately, as the Thanksgiving approaches, no team from the above qualifies for a half win. Among the four, it is only Lewis that hasn’t managed to lead the team to winning even a single game.

It has never happened to many coaches to step down due to weariness. That should not be the reason for coaches to hold on to the throne for too long. In so doing, it makes the players to be accustomed to only one tactic of facing their opponents. There are many ways of killing a rat which is why this calls for a change.

Previously during Davis’ era, players were only stuck to one team for ages but the recent move has changed all this. A player can now shift to another club hence exposing him to a whole lot different kind of training which is commendable. This is the technique that has kept Belichick staying for more than a decade brushing off the rule.

This has also been incorporated by the San Francisco with Walsh and Seifert bringing in various players after some time. The 49ers have had different players taking the Quarterback, receiving and defensive positions. This should be borrowed by the coaching committee. Firing a coach shouldn’t be the only resolution. Tony Dungy and his fellow crew should be examples that even coaches can be transferred elsewhere.

It seems the way to secure a coaching job is to continuously win. Several coaches who haven’t met this have had to go home. Shanahan, Coughlin, Seifert, Jimmy Johnson and Jon Gruden have only won twice. However, some teams have deferred all these by maintaining their coaches like Steelers.

This assumption of once a coach gets fired they no longer deserve to be at the pitch. That’s it. This trend may be the answer of why Shula and Ewbank have only made it to the winning list with the second select players.

As the players shuffle clubs, coaches have not been left out either. This helps a great deal since they gain more experience with the exposure. This is the main reason why coaches who move from one team to another keep winning titles and these have been justified by Belichick.

With the way things are turning out to be, the percentage of sacked coaches might be on the rise early next year. This comes after three coaches, each with a Super Bowl win, were fired.

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