Ex-wife of Charlie Sheen hospitalized in Utah

Ex-wife of Charlie Sheen hospitalized in Utah

Brooke and her two sons, Bob and Max, were spotted at a vehicle wash outside of Salt Lake City after previous reports indicated that they were earlier spotted at a bar and hotel.

She later moved to Utah with the children.

Brooke Mueller disappeared with 7-year-old sons Bob and Max after getting into a fight at a Utah bar. Enough to take care of her kids since Sheen has defaulted on his child support payments, and earned the title of "deadbeat dad" from Mueller.

According to TMZ, a woman claiming to be Brooke's mom called the Utah Highway Patrol to help find Brooke to "determine if she was mentally unstable".

Did Brooke Mueller put her twins in danger this week with her rambling road trip around Utah? They're reportedly set to be released to an undisclosed family member. The police were also notified of an incident at a auto wash with a woman and her two children that was alleged to be abusive. "The boys are fine and with their nanny".

Sheen, who was married to Mueller from 2008 to 2010, told TMZ: "I'm just trying to get my kids home safe". After a 2011 arrest for cocaine possession and assault, Mueller checked herself into a long time, inpatient rehab facility.

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen gave an official statement to People: "In the face of a roughshod and polar moment of unsanctioned divide, sanity and certainty were restored with grace and resolve".

On Tuesday night, Mueller was seen entering a bar with the children and their nanny.

The search continued into Wednesday morning when Mueller was reportedly spotted driving past a auto wash at approximately 6 a.m. with Bob and Max in her SUV. They were born on March 15, 2009.

On Wednesday morning, it was reported that Mueller and her sons were missing, just hours after she reportedly got into an altercation with the boys' nanny.

It seemed hard to believe that Sheen wasn't at fault, given his turbulent history, but eventually it would become clear that both husband and wife were battling various demons.

UHP Sgt. Todd Royce could not comment on the situation, saying information would be released later. "I'm looking forward to that".

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