Tim Kaine says Hillary Clinton is the 'underdog'

He cited the reality that Clinton would be the first woman elected president. He criticized the campaign of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump as divisive and lacking compassion. Or are we a nation where it's ok to divide and name call and finger point and blame game, and that that somehow will lead to something good? "I tell myself I'm the underdog until they call me the victor".

Kaine said their campaign is optimistic because of early voting numbers.

According to the Virginia senator, there needs to be more of an emphasis and effort on behalf of politicians and leaders toward figuring "a way to elevate the dialogue" around partisan politics and elections. The event time and location are still to be determined, but the website lists the appearance as scheduled for Sunday afternoon. And Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence has a Sunday rally at 5 p.m.at the Hickory Regional Airport.

He'll focus his visit on the Democratic ticket's plans to improve the economy and creating jobs and affordable higher education possibilities for the average American family.

"You may not be able to take a red county and make it blue, but if you can narrow the margin down a vote is a vote", Kaine said.

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