Vikings Defense Dominates as Strongest NFL Unit

Vikings Defense Dominates as Strongest NFL Unit

The Vikings might have just recently suffered their first loss of the season, but there is a good reason why a number of people think that their defense could qualify as the strongest unit in the NFL. Looking at the NFL betting lines, there are one or two more popular choices, but there is a case to be made for the Vikings.

Coach Zimmer’s side has a way of creating panic in their opponents, this along with proving that they are a dominant force by consistently holding opposing Quarterbacks to a very low Total QBR of 25.6.

At the moment, the only team competing with the Vikings when it comes to the number of points allowed per game is Seattle, and that is because the Vikings have a smart squad of coaches that perfectly complements a versatile offering of players.

The Vikings have been winning because most other teams have no truly effective method of planning against them. 

Of course, it is easy to see why some people would make mention of Dallas’ offensive line with regards to conversations about the strongest unit in the league. The reason the NFL has been so boring this season is because almost all teams have struggled in their offensive lines. 

Dallas, on the other hand, has remained largely competent at the front and this explains why they have so thoroughly dominating the NFL; they exceed expectations in the one area where most other teams struggle. 

Fortunately, this debate between Dallas supporters and Vikings supporters doesn’t need to be settled online or in a sports bar; after all, these two teams will be going head-to-head on the 1st of December, which means that both teams will have an opportunity to display their strengths.

Can Dallas’ offense overcome the Vikings’ Defense? The six games Minnesota has played this season have really allowed the Vikings to manifest their prowess in the area of defense. 

The last time the Vikings were not only at the top in scoring defense but also the best in the league in the arena of total defense was in 1969 and 1970; and it looks like they have finally achieved a similar feat in this new season, which is saying something.

Minnesota has only allowed 14 points per game on average; the team has a chance to surpass Seattle if they actually win the scoring defense crown.

The Vikings are already doing quite well in total defense, the 279.5 yards they are giving up per game exceeding Philadelphia’s 307 yards. And even though the Eagles recently defeated the Vikings, Minnesota coaches and players are not exactly worried about the way the season will play out.

Right now they need to focus on the Bears who they will play during Monday Night Football. Jay Cutler, whose thumb injury previously sidelined him, should return in time to take on the Vikings. 

Though, the chances that he can crack the Vikings defense are quite low. The Vikings have shut ever quarterback they have faced down, so Cutler will most definitely struggle during the game.

Then again, the NFL has been known to deliver a few surprises, so Cutler might actually exceed expectations and bring the Vikings to their knees.

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