Supporters Call Obamacare 'A Good Start' Despite Sharp Rate Increase

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"Instead of repealing the law, I believe the next President and the next Congress should take what we've learned over the past six years and in a serious way analyze it, figure out what it is that needs to get done, and make the Affordable Care Act better and cover even more people", Obama said.

President Obama successfully passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and the federal marketplace launched in 2013, though not without some hiccups. For example, California (where the average increase will be 13%) barred insurers participating in its exchange from offering policies that effectively pulled healthier consumers into a separate risk pool.

"Many families feel pinched by their health-care costs: despite a recent surge, income growth has not kept pace in many areas of the USA", the report stated. Almost 60 percent have low enough incomes to also get help reducing their out-of-pockets costs, in the form of deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance costs.

The premium increases also mean that the Affordable Care Act is growing more expensive for the federal government since it has to provide larger subsidies. "As a outcome, the real cost to insurers has been much higher than when their premiums were recently set", said John McCracken, PhD, UTD Clinical Professor of Healthcare Management. Experts said too many sick people are costing the program too much money.

DONALD TRUMP (R), Presidential Nominee: I believe Florida is a must-win, and I think we are winning it.

"In case you haven't heard today's news, it's just been announced that Americans are going to experience yet another double-digit spike in your premium for Obamacare and it doesn't work", he told the crowd.

Perhaps sensing that the focus on the rising premiums might give Trump an issue when he needs it most, Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile also jumped into the fray Tuesday. Along with subsidies, different plans have different deductibles and co-pays, she said.

"When you read stories about, say, the EpiPen going from $100 for two EpiPens to $600 (with) no justification, no explanation, that's what we have to rein in", she said.

The findings are yet more daunting news to Obamacare customers who do not receive financial aid to offset either the price of their monthly premiums, or their out-of-pocket costs. That is if you are enrolled in one of the current three plans offered.

"In 2017, there will be an average of 2.9 plans available per county in states, down from a nationwide average of 5.3 plans per county in 2016".

"If 2017 enrollment growth is small, as expected, it will perpetuate market instability", she said.

"Obamacare isn't working because it was designed by people who don't understand how insurance works", Insurance Director and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor said.

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